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Just a Plain Jane Catholic

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Women's Issues, Spirituality, Motherhood
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And a big mouth. Punctuated by prayer. I'm a freelance writer and contractor for both secular and spiritual organizations. Over the years, I've been a research associate, an autism services aide, an executive director for a non-profit, a fundraiser (friend-raiser), an event planner, and even a chaplain at a mental institution! Yes, it's a little disjointed. But amid all the work, my husband and I raised eight wonderful children. Multi-tasking is my middle name, and I am lean and mean with a budget. I have mastered the art of juggling multiple priorities, and focusing the attention of "small" people on the big picture. So, sure, motherhood might not count much on a resume. But... how else do you become the Queen of the Possible? 

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The Essential Woman

Revised edition, 2023


Holy Helpmates

(Published 1/1/2024)


The Glory to be

Revealed in You

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My Secret is Mine


A Few Clips

In 1922, Dorothy Day was arrested for the second time. Doing jail time as a suffragist in Washington, DC among socialites and intellectuals was vastly different from doing time among prostitutes dragged before the “morals court.”

She later wrote, “I do not think that ever again, no matter of what I am accused, can I suffer more than I did then from shame and regret, and self-contempt. Not only because I had been caught…but because of my own consciousness that I deserved it.” What exactly did she do?

Dorothy Day Gets an Education in Prison,

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