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Just a Plain Jane Catholic

Writer, Editor, Yenta

Women's Issues, Spirituality, Motherhood
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And a big mouth. Punctuated by prayer. I'm a freelance writer and contractor for both secular and spiritual organizations. Over the years, I've been a research associate, an autism services aide, an executive director for a non-profit, a fundraiser (friend-raiser), an event planner, and even a chaplain at a mental institution! Yes, it's a little disjointed. But amid all the work, my husband and I raised eight wonderful children. Multi-tasking is my middle name, and I am lean and mean with a budget. I have mastered the art of juggling multiple priorities, and focusing the attention of "small" people on the big picture. So, sure, motherhood might not count much on a resume. But... how else do you become the Queen of the Possible? 

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My Books and Newsletters

The Essential Woman

Holy Helpmates

(coming in 2024)

My Secret is Mine

My Books
A Few Clips

"When people tell me I look great, I am really grateful for the compliment, because I have eight children. People joke that my husband and I don’t know how this happens, but we have one up on Hollywood. We understand how real sex gets protected.

We’ve never been truly surprised to find I am pregnant. So, we do have protected sex. We’re ready for the fruit of the conjugal bed. "

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